TruSouth Premium Turbine Oils are a series of rust and oxidation inhibited industrial oils for lubrication of medium and heavy duty, high temperature gas, steam, and hydraulic turbine systems. TruSouth Turbine Oils offer effective and superior effective protection against system rusting caused by water contamination and protect against sludging and deposits caused by oil oxidation. Additionally, our Premium Turbine Oils prevent excessive wear due to extreme pressure applications.


TruSouth Turbine Oils are blended from highly-refined, thermally stable high viscosity index Group II Base Stocks along with a robust performance additive.  This formulation will enable more dependable system performance through the optimum control of  oxidation, sludging, corrosion and wear.  This performance will allow for extended equipment protection and the elimination of unscheduled maintenance downtime.




  • Exceptionally Long Oxidation Life
  • Excellent Foam  and Demulsibility Control
  • Rapid Water Separation and Fast Air Release.
  • Filterability performance in the Presence of Water and Calcium Contamination
  • Thermal Stability- Control of Sludge and Other Deposit Formation
  • Outstanding Hydrolytic Stability
  • Non-Corrosive to Silver Bearings    
  • Strong Inherent Antiwear/EP protection
  • Surpasses Industry and OEM Requirements for Modified (nitrogen blown) D2272 RPVOT
  • Zinc-Free Additive  



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